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It’s time to stop saying “I’ll do that when I get to it,” when it comes to your small business social media marketing strategy. We know, it can be easy to push this task to the bottom of the to-do list when others seem to loom so much larger; however, it’s crucial to understand just how important this platform can be for your business.

It’s your company’s regular—and intentional—presence on social media channels that tells the curious, the customer, and the ambassador, that you are present, active, and engaged—welcoming conversation, interaction, and relationship. It’s your opportunity to put news, blogs, images, announcements, and product promotions directly into the hands—and sights— of your viewers.

The Keyhole Marketing Social Media Calendar Template Can Help.

By enlisting our easy-to-use social media calendar, you can organize and manage when and where you will publish your content, allowing you to efficiently and strategically plan your posts in advance. This resource ensures all the information stays in one place and can be shared or adapted in whatever way is optimal for your company or team.

Keyhole Marketing Social Media Calendar Template

No more scrambling to write a clever, yet coherent caption before running out the door. No more thumbing through hundreds of photos to find a last-minute image. Scheduling and sharing content with the aid of a social media calendar will save you significant time and stress, allowing for intentional, targeted, and meaningful messaging that contributes to the overall achievement of your long-term marketing goals.

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