How to Set Up Your Google Plus Business Page

20th, 2013
Keyhole - Content Marketing - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder
Categories: SEO, Social Media
20th, 2013
Keyhole - Content Marketing - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder
Categories: SEO, Social Media
How to Set Up Your Google Plus Business Page

Before I get too deep in this post, some full disclosure first:  I’ve had a Google Plus Business Page associated with my Joetography business for well over a year now aaaaaand I’ve shared a whopping two posts in that time. So clearly I’m the expert who should be talking about this.

But in all seriousness, I’m writing this blog today because I wanted to force myself to learn something I had not yet grasped. Until now, I never fully understood why I set up the Google Plus Business Page to begin with (other than pressure from my social media peers), and I wasn’t certain when/how to use it versus my personal profile page.

Today that changes.

Why Setup a Google Plus Page

You probably have a Twitter business handle and you might have a Facebook business page. So why do you need yet another thing to manage? Here’s why.


Google’s not going to forget to crawl their own site, so sharing your stuff up there is a must. It’ll be indexed and shared very quickly on search results pages. And that’s the added advantage over the other social media platforms…the backing of a search engine that basically makes up the rules for all of us to follow. (Sorry Bing!)

And that’s it. Enough said on that.

Google Plus Page or Personal Profile?

Once you’ve set up your page (which we’ll talk about next time), then what? When should you post to your business page and/or when should you post to your profile page? I had been asking that question for awhile, especially since I’m the sole proprietor of both my businesses.

The short answer. It’s not an either/or…it’s a both/and. On your profile page, weave shares about your business and industry with posts about your personal interests. In other words, if you like to follow the NFL then post about that when if feels right. Just don’t go too long without posting about your businesses and industries.

And on your Google Plus Page, simply share posts about your business (i.e. blog posts) and any interesting industry posts. Find and follow key people in your industry and interact with them when it makes sense.

Create Your Page

On your Google Plus Profile Page, click the PAGES button on your left-hand drop-down menu. Then, select Create a Page.

Now you’ll need to select the appropriate category for your business page. Google Plus offers you a few options:

Find the most appropriate for your business and then select create page. Add some basic info and you’re done.

Complete Your Profile

Time to get yourself dressed in four easy steps:

  1. Add your profile picture
  2. Post a cover photo
  3. Add contact information
  4. Post an introduction and tagline
  5. Link up your website

Before you’re done here, be sure to add recommended links to your page. Your website URL should already be included, but find and highlight key pages on your website in this area as well. Also include any social media links your users will find intriguing and helpful. Here’s what my section looks like:

Get Found

Before you start spreading the word about your new page, be sure to add some posts to spice up your page and give your followers a taste of what they’ll see going forward. And when sharing those posts, be sure to include relevant hashtags so people can find you.

Then, start getting the word out via your Google Plus Profile and your other social media accounts. Also, make it easy to find and follow your new page by posting Follow Me badge and/or hyperlinked social media icon on your website.

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