Your potential customers are waiting. They’re out there wanting to hear from you. They’re wanting to see what you offer. They’re wanting to know how it will change their lives.

But you’re a small business owner. Life is hectic. Who has the time, energy, and focus to develop marketing materials — much less follow a plan that can affectively reach them?




If you’re a small business owner, we can help you reach your business goals by finding you more leads, increasing your brand awareness, and gaining you new clients.

In more tangible terms, we can let you get back to doing what you do best.

We help relieve the pressure you feel to find enough business to keep the lights on and your staff employed. We spend time exploring your marketing challenges. Then, we identify the right mix of content marketing services for your small business before creating and implementing it all for you.




At Keyhole, content marketing means we write the words, capture the images, and develop the strategies that put your unique story in front of your target audiences.

For you, it means you get to leverage our many years of experience working with various marketing tactics and also lean into our knowledge of present-day best practices. Plus, you gain an accountability partner to keep us all on track.

And here are all the ways we serve you:
Keyhole Marketing - Content Marketing Services



Telling your unique business story in meaningful ways can be a challenge. But sometimes the hardest part of marketing your business is knowing what you need to begin.

  • Will content marketing work for your business?
  • What marketing services do you need and how much should you spend?
  • Better yet, what is your story and why is it worth sharing?

We’d like to help you find the answers to these questions and more. Select your greatest need below.

Develop My Content Strategy

Content Marketing Services - Develop a Content Strategy
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Create Some Great Content

Content Marketing Services - Capture Professional Photos
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Capture Professional Photos

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