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Acción Performance
November 19, 2019

Acción Performance creates flexible labor solutions for production facilities in multiple industries. No matter the requirements, they remove the burden of training and managing temporary personnel by assembling, equipping, and managing the right team — thereby helping to increase productivity, improve accuracy, and reduce labor costs.

But those services and benefits weren’t always clear, until we had the opportunity to retell their story through our website content writing services.

website content writing - accion performance


The process started with a rebrand. After hearing more about Acción’s needs, we introduced them to our friends at Co-motion, Jon and Stacey McClure, who could first help them enhance their brand and then design a site to showcase their story.

The new logo and brand had to accomplish a few things. It needed to:

  • Appeal to both Directors of HR and Directors of Operation.
  • Connect to their parent company — Morales Group.
  • Feel experienced and trustworthy — but also edgy.

And as Co-motion recounts it:

The solution was a mark comprised of shapes working together to build a monogram A. This concept is a nod to the teamwork that drives results at Acción.

Labor Models

Prior to our engagement, the Acción Performance brand promise caused some confusion — both internally and externally — and their labor solutions looked complicated. They needed a simple way of showcasing their process to prospective customers. That’s where we entered.

We streamlined the message to fit within Co-motion’s web modules, while also creating content that made sense to the target audience. Take a look at the finished pages below.

website content writing - services page

website content writing - about page

Staff Bios

Acción is a sub-company of Morales Group, a staffing agency in Indianapolis. But this connection between the two brands caused some confusion. This perplexion was perhaps most evident in the company’s staff bios, as many had been copied and pasted from the Morales Group website.

To reduce the risk of duplicate web content and make them unique to Accion, we interviewed each staff member and wrote new bios that showcased a bit more of their personality. Check out an example below.

website content writing - staff bio

Blog Posts

Prior to launching the new website, we also populated their blog page by writing seven 600-word + posts, covering topics their readers would be most curious about, including the following:

website content writing - blog posts

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