Releasing the Unique Value Deep Inside a Brand Camino Massage Therapy

Camino Massage Therapy
May 14, 2021

Many businesses do a pretty good job of explaining the WHAT of their brand, but not the WHO, HOW or WHY. And as a result, their target audiences are left wondering what makes them different from other competitors. We helped Camino Massage Therapy find clarity in their business story by creating a concise unique value proposition for customers to know why they should choose them.

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Makings of a Good Value Proposition for Customers

We created this statement to help Camino Massage Therapy clearly and succinctly propose to potential customers why their brand stands out in the market — how their products and services provide greater value over the competition. In short, we helped make a strong case of why someone should choose them over the others.

To do this, we included four key elements:

  1. HEADLINE: Describing the end benefit offered to the customer.
  2. SUBHEAD: Explaining the offering, to whom, and why.
  3. BULLET POINTS: Listing the benefits and/or features.
  4. VISUAL ELEMENT: Enhancing the message with a video or still image.

But it’s important to note that we did not create a slogan or tagline in this process. Unlike phrases like “Just Do It,” our value proposition for customers of Camino Massage went much deeper into the problems they solve for people and what makes them the right one for the job.

Matching Offerings to Customer Needs

We first met with Erin Poovey, owner of Camino Massage, for an interactive discovery session to better understand her unique business story. Then, we started sifting through the full narrative to find the real gold — those little nuggets that make her and her business one of a kind.

Read on to see a sampling of what we discovered.

Notable Keywords

value proposition to customers - noteable keywords

Notable Things Customers Are Trying to Get Done

  • Receive treatment for an injury and/or chronic pain
  • Take some time to relax, breathe, and rest from the stress
  • Discover a more effective massage than ever before

Notable Pains That Annoy Customers

  • Suffering through a painful session that causes more discomfort and stress
  • Working with a therapist with limited knowledge and commitment to the craft
  • Obtaining unsatisfactory answers or direction to health-related questions

Notable Gains That Customers Desire

  • Giving the nervous system a break by switching to rest and digest
  • Relaxing, clearing the mind, and getting more grounded in the end
  • Experiencing smoother, freer movement with limited to no pain

Crafting the UVP Statement

From there, we added life to these lists of bullets and transformed it all into the finished Unique Value Proposition statement. Here again, we can’t share the entire statement, but enough to give you a taste of the finished product. (We couldn’t give their entire secret sauce recipe away here.)

Experience a Better State of Being

Bring your tired, injured, and stressed bodies into our safe, tranquil space and allow us to provide you with a therapeutic massage like never before — using our hands and feet to nourish your joints with gentle, sustained pressure deep into the muscle fibers. From the moment you walk into our Colorado Springs studio, our proficient therapists take the time to listen to you and your body, before designing the best bodywork treatment to meet your needs and comfort levels. We passionately believe in our work and commit ourselves to creating lasting change in yoaur bodies with each session.

  • Give thanks to your body with mindful care by a therapist who takes their profession very seriously.
  • Increase your range of motion and enhance your ability to move freely again.
  • Find silence while expanding the awareness within your body and mind.
  • Allow your brain, body, nerves, and muscles to function better in a
    parasympathetic state.

example of unique value proposition

Putting the UVP Into Action

But we didn’t stop there! We wanted to make sure that Erin and her team at Camino Massage knew the best ways to put this into action. And so created the following mockups of how to tell this story on their website going forward.

New Website Header

value proposition and unique selling proposition examples 

Wrapping Up Our Treatment

In the end, we were able to provide newfound clarity to Camino Massage Therapy about what makes them so much better than the others out there. They already knew they were awesome, but now they clearly know why!

Our work made their story simple and compelling. Now, they can start using their Unique Value Statement as a lens to look through when talking to customers, when writing a social media post, when creating a promotion — pretty much anytime they’re sharing their business story with customers and prospects.

Are you ready to do the same — talking less about the WHAT and more about the HOW and WHY of your business? That’s what’s going to motivate people to check you out, make a purchase, and return for service.

Let’s talk about your unique value proposition for customers.

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