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Social Media Marketing
June 28, 2021

Since September 2018, we have enjoyed engaging social media as a marketing strategy to share the story of a U.S.-based electric lawn mowing company.

The company’s solar and battery-powered lawn mowers and landscaping products help contribute to a sustainable and green future. By providing gas and emissions-free machines to homeowners and landscapers, this small business makes a global impact and saves their customers money — while saving the planet at the same time.

Armed with this client’s unique mission, we took to social media to share their story, letting environmentally-friendly fans — including dealers, landscapers, and homeowners — know about the benefits of electric lawn mowing.

Read on to see what we’ve been able to do for this small business via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

social media as marketing strategy

Calendar + Content Creation

Each month, we create a social media content calendar for each of our client’s platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This process includes:

  • Compiling research on products, electric advantages, trade shows, dealers, blogs, and more
  • Writing compelling copy and calls-to-action
  • Collecting images and videos or creating graphics
  • Scheduling posts at optimal engagement hours

When creating the calendar, we’re careful to consider a few other elements, as well.

Keep It Fresh

Instead of over saturating readers with constant product posts or environmental efforts, we are intentional about striking a balance in what we write and creating a variety of content, making sure viewers are always seeing fresh, relevant messages.

Save Space for Holidays

Before we even begin scheduling out content, we make sure to reserve space for nationally-celebrated holidays like Fourth of July or Thanksgiving. What’s especially fun is diving a little deeper to call out a few extra holidays that might be relevant to lawn care, the outdoors, or the environment (e.g., Earth Day, the first day of summer, or National Inventor’s Day).


Including hashtags continues to be an important strategy and best practice for driving engagement on social media posts.

But rather than carelessly add in hashtags to check a box, we spend time researching keywords and trending hashtags that are relevant to lawn care, landscaping, electric tech, and environmental topics. We customize each post to ensure that the hashtags match the content and act as additional support.

social media calendar planner

Dealers + Demo Awareness

Although based in the U.S., this company is able to satisfy global electric lawn care demands through strong dealer relationships. By linking arms with larger landscaping companies and private dealers across the map, they are able to get in front of local buyers, giving them a chance to see, feel, and experience the equipment for themselves.

Making a lawn mower purchase is a big investment, which is why participating in or viewing a demo is a top priority for customers. Buyers can easily locate the nearest dealer on the website and sign up for a demo.

We have the opportunity to bring awareness to dealers, new partnerships, demo opportunities, and trade shows to followers and communities on social media. Through consistent and timely posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we give viewers the info they need to know about local dealers or demos close to home.

When a new dealer joins the family, we then create and run targeted ads based on geographical location, profession, or outdoor interests. By doing so, we’re getting relevant information in front of the right people, thus adding to our client’s social media numbers and gaining new prospects. Altogether, this helps build new client relationships and leads to sales.

a social media marketing plan
  • 537
    New Instagram Followers
    JAN 2020-JAN 2021
  • 68
    New Twitter Page Likes
    JAN 2020-JAN 2021
  • 119
    Facebook Page Engagements
    FEB 2020-FEB 2021

The Social Media Struggle

Incorporating social media as a marketing strategy is non-negotiable these days. With millions of consumers engaging on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter daily, social media provides small businesses ample opportunity to attract new leads, nurture customer relationships, and develop strong brand loyalty. It’s a low cost way to get your product, service, and business story in front of the right eyes and in turn, increase sales.

But trying to keep up with social media while running a business can be exhausting and discouraging. We often hear business owners lament about:

  • Uncertainty what to say or share or lack of originality
  • Not knowing what platforms to leverage or how to reach the right audience
  • Inability to add followers
  • Lack of sufficient time to discover, create, and publish interesting content
  • Lack of design resources to create right-sized graphics 

How We Can Help Share Your Story

Resonate with any of the above? Don’t worry: you’re not alone and not all hope is lost!

If you’re in need of content/ad management, custom visuals, social media calendar creation, or a full social media strategy, we can help. We’d love to help you share your story and make social media part of your marketing strategy — so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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