Taking a Brand New Look at Business Growth Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics

Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics
April 13, 2018

Dr. Jason Bunch had grown tired of the bland continuing education events he and his peers were required to attend in order to maintain their state license. He wanted to create something new and different for dentists from across Indiana — an event that would both offer dental practices tools to grow their business and foster relationships with referring dentists for Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics. After initiating the project internally, they reached out to Keyhole Marketing for help in creating an event name, developing a brand, and overseeing the inaugural event.

“Keyhole Marketing took our original vision of the event, walked us through the steps for a successful launch, helped us avoid many pitfalls along the way, and delivered our original vision, plus more!"
Dr. Jason K. Bunch, Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics

Finding the Right Name + Tagline

When Gorman & Bunch first reached out, the practice referred to the event as “The Gamechanger.” It was initially meant as a description of what Dr. Bunch hoped to offer attendees — an event that changes the tired game many dental practices had been playing — and somewhere along the way it had been adopted internally as the name of the event. Concerned that name might be too literal, our work on the event began with a discovery meeting with various team members. We then presented the following name options that we believe better indicated the purpose, caught people’s attention, and remained memorable:

Moving Your Practice Forward

Changing the Game of Dentistry

Taking Your Practice to New Levels

Move Away From the Ordinary

Lean Your Practice in a New Direction

Developing a New Brand

After Gorman & Bunch quickly selected THE FRINGE: Move Away From the Ordinary, we then pulled in our friends at Co-motion and Revolvere to create a visual identity for this event — specifically developing a logo, style guide, landing page, postcard, and email template. Built off a brief discovery session, we began with the creation of multiple logo concepts, ranging from safe to risky. (See below) Somewhat surprisingly, Gorman & Bunch selected the last — riskiest — option, appreciating how it would visually push attendees to lean toward the fringe.

event marketing - fringe brand - 1 event marketing - fringe brand - 2

From there, we created a simple website where we would push attendees in our promotional materials. We directed Co-motion and Revolvere in creating a one-page landing page that briefly presented the unique approach of the event, described the agenda/speakers, and offered an easy registration process. Here was the final result.

Landing Page

fringe - event marketing - website design


Building off these designs, we worked with Co-motion to present the brand story in an email template and two postcard designs — one to be mailed and one to be hand delivered by Gorman & Bunch staff.


fringe - event marketing - brand - postcard - front

fringe - event marketing - brand - postcard - back

Email Template

fringe - event marketing - brand - email template


Project Managing the Event Details

With a goal of attracting 200 dental practitioners, we knew this event would require meticulous management of the major and minor details in order to reach Dr. Bunch’s objectives. To do so, we established a comprehensive Basecamp plan that identified a detailed timeline and assigned specific project ownership. While not the sexiest part of the planning process, it proved to be the most vital part of this project because of the limited availability and event planning experience by the Gorman & Bunch staff. Some of the major tenants of the plan included:

  • Brand Management
  • Promotional Strategy and Execution
  • Content Creation + Implementation
  • Registration
  • Venue Coordination
  • Sponsorships
  • Online Registration
  • Tech Coordination
  • Guest Experience

Exceeding Desired Expectations

As expected when developing the promotional plan, we saw consistent spikes in registration numbers following each promotional push. And by the end, we surpassed our registration goals by over 25 percent. And when looking past the statistics, the feedback shared on the surveys gave us all confidence the inaugural event was a huge success.

  • 64 Sign Ups
    After Email #1
    Save the Date Announcement
  • 102 Sign Ups
    After Email #2
    Speaker Lineup Released
  • 28 Sign Ups
    After Email #3
    Keynote Speaker Guest Blog
  • 200
    Registration Goal
  • 259
    Actual Registrants
"It was a wonderful and educational day. We appreciate your help in building and helping us grow together as a practice. Thank you!"

"Speakers were excellent and great material you don't hear about at most CE events."

"The event went very smooth! Good job to all who had a hand in putting this together!"

"Phenomenal speakers. Excellent choice! We wish our whole staff was here as we have many key items we wish to implement over the next year. Great job, guys!"

"All of the speakers were great! Information very helpful in taking back to our office. Thank you!"

"The event was great and got a lot of useful information."

Writing the Brand’s Next Chapter

At the event, we also captured photography to be utilized in promotional material for future events. We’ve also begun dreaming up regional/digital continuing education events as lead ups to the annual live conference. More to come on the latter.

event marketing - fringe photos - 1 event marketing - fringe photos - 2
event marketing - fringe photos - 3 event marketing - fringe photos - 4 event marketing - fringe photos - 5 event marketing - fringe photos - 6
event marketing - fringe photos - 7
event marketing - fringe photos - 8 event marketing - fringe photos - 13 event marketing - fringe photos - 14 event marketing - fringe photos - 15
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