Professional Photography Session at the New Space in West Bridge Church

24th, 2018
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Services - Shannon Jirik
Shannon Jirik
Assistant Brand Manager
Categories: Photography
24th, 2018
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Services - Shannon Jirik
Shannon Jirik
Assistant Brand Manager
Categories: Photography

In July 2017, Aspen Group contracted us to take construction photography of their recent remodel at West Bridge Church in Danville, Indiana. The design-build firm constructed a brand new space for kids and teens, a special project resulting from a church-wide “Love Makes Room” campaign to fund much-needed spaces as they outgrew their facilities.

With offices in the midwest and on the east coast, Aspen Group’s new-construction churches and remodels can be found across many states.


Get to Know West Bridge Church


  • Religion + Non-Profit

Who They Are

  • Mission: to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ
  • Quick to ease the intimidating experience of visiting a church through hospitality
  • Kid + youth-focused
  • Anyone is welcome–a place that feels like home

What They Do

  • Small groups + discipleship
  • Community involvement + service projects
  • Mission trips
  • Counseling services
  • Financial freedom + budgeting resources
  • Digital Bible study library
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Project Details


  • 1521 S County Road 75 W | Danville, IN

Square Footage

  • Two-story | 11,400 Sq. Ft.

Completion Date

  • July 2017

Initial Needs

  • Expansion + renovation of current facility
  • Increased children + youth ministry spaces
  • New septic system
  • Additional parking

Final Amenities

  • Two-story kids + high school ministry space
  • New worship center
  • State-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting
  • Elementary classroom spaces
  • Large group room
  • Elevator access for all three levels


Scroll to see the final images of the auditorium, classrooms, and communal spaces.

professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-1 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-2 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-3 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-3 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-4 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-5 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-6 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-7 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-8 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-9 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-10 professional-photography-west-bridge-church-Danville-IN-11
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