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30th, 2018
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder
30th, 2018
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder

Last week, we announced the release of our new brand identity. And today, we’re excited to showcase that new brand in the form of our new website. Our entire team has been working tirelessly throughout the summer to build a custom web design from the ground up — one that effectively presented the elements of our story. And finally, we get to pull back the curtain to you! We think it really sets us up well for our move to Colorado Springs next Spring!

large custom web design - keyhole marketing - colorado springs

Go ahead and take it for a spin. If you see anything that needs fixing while you click around, let us know — we like constructive feedback. And of course, if you know a small business in need of content marketing, please point them this way!

What to Explore

From the onset of our brand refresh, we knew the work there would ultimately lead to a custom web design for Keyhole Marketing. It was just time. Our old WordPress template had served us well, but we’d outgrown its outdated design and limited functionality.

We’re so excited to fix many of the issues there and unveil this new site! Here are a few highlights to check out within this custom web design:

Pricing Packages

Knowing you need marketing is one thing. Knowing what you need and what to budget is another. To help make sense of it all, we created three simple pricing packages:

  • Bronze Package: For businesses who desire a review of their current marketing story and a plan to best engage new customers.
  • Silver Package: For businesses who know their story and need help creating the elements of their content marketing plan.
  • Gold Package: For businesses who know their story and need help executing elements of their content marketing plan.

Rest assured. We still do a la carte work too!

Blog Designs

We added a recent post features to the homepage, allowing visitors to quickly find the latest relevant content to help them run their small business. Additionally, the individual posts now feature a full-width layout on the desktop view and multiple content block options to choose from when laying out content. We believe it will make the blogs even more desirable for you to read.

Our Pre-Launch Website Checklist
Follow this comprehensive checklist before launching your next WordPress website.

Twist Interviews

And speaking of blogs, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with several entrepreneurs over the past three years and hearing the experiences that led them to start their businesses. The old design limited the way to both showcase these interviews and find them on the website. Now, we added several calls to action on the website, making it easier to find the full collection of TWIST interviews.

Strategic Portfolio

Occasionally, we write a solo blog or capture a single photo session for a client. But the majority of our work involves months of big picture thinking before ever producing anything tangible. The design of our new portfolio section allows us to better capture the path that led to the marketing deliverable — whether that be naming a business, gaining media coverage, or branding a new event. Stay tuned! We’ll be adding more very soon.

Who to Thank

A custom web design like this doesn’t build itself. It takes a village — made up of these seven people.

First and foremost, thanks goes to Lindsay — my wife and Keyhole’s Director of Operations — for all her support and words of encouragement along the way and for doubling up on childcare duty to give me the time and space I needed to work on the overall story and content plan of the site. And to our son, Quinn, for his patience with his distant daddy.

Thanks also to Jon and Stacey McClure from Co-motion for putting the brand they created into a functional and inviting website experience. And to Erik Anderson from Revolvere Design & Development who then took that design and coded it all into a fully operational site. Both of these partners put up with my last-minute ideas and out-of-scope requests to create a product we can collectively feel proud of in the end.

And also, my thanks goes to Shannon Jirik, Keyhole’s assistant brand manager, for doing the laborious work of proofreading and migrating content from the old website, and to Camryn Walton, who kept my client work going by ghostwriting many pieces of content behind the scenes.

None of this happens by myself. I’m so grateful to be linked with each one of these people in creating this finished piece, and I hope you’ll enjoy the experience as much as we all hoped you would.

If you’re a small business in Colorado Springs, Denver, or surrounding towns in Colorado, please be sure to reach out via the link below. We’d love to connect!

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