Metaphorically Speaking A Keyhole Marketing Podcast

A Keyhole Marketing Podcast

There’s a mystery to marketing.

Where colors don’t match, lines don’t cross, and dots don’t connect. Where work cannot be scored. Where data can’t always be measured.

The Metaphorically Speaking podcast seeks to enter this abstruse space of marketing that can’t be fully understood. It’s not a show about tips or tricks or about offering up one authoritative solution. It’s about exploring the elements that make up the world of marketing and offering ways to consider their application.

Each season, we’ll discuss practical marketing themes, share personal experiences, and present a colorful palette of solutions. It’s our hope that you walk away with more than a list of tactics for your small business. But rather, that we all come together to meet new ideas, moments, and people with open minds.

Ultimately, we hope that Metaphorically Speaking leaves us all inspired to be better people in the worlds we inhabit.

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