Metaphorically Speaking: A Podcast for Entrepreneurs The Trailer

The Trailer
30th, 2019
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder
30th, 2019
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder
Metaphorically Speaking Podcast for Entrepreneur: Trailer
"We really want to dive into that space of marketing that's a little bit more ambiguous, little less linear, less analytical."

Welcome to the new podcast for entrepreneur by Keyhole Marketing, hosted by Joe Dudeck and Shannon Jirik. In this brief trailer, we introduce ourselves and help give you a sense of what to expect on each season of Metaphorically Speaking. And if you’d rather read your podcast for entrepreneur, you can always scroll down to see the transcript.


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Joe: Hi, there. I’m Joe Dudeck, President and founder of Keyhole Marketing.

Shannon: And I’m Shannon Jirik. I work for Keyhole as the Assistant Brand Manager.

Joe: And this is Metaphorically Speaking, a podcast for entrepreneur that explores the mysterious side of marketing.


Joe: Welcome to the first episode of Metaphorically Speaking.

Shannon: Whoo!

Joe: Shannon and I are really excited to have this off the ground finally. We talked about it for a long time. We as marketers, we just love that idea of a metaphor, because what we love about it is just that it both means what it says and what it doesn’t say. So we really want to dive into that space of marketing that’s a little bit more ambiguous, little less linear, less analytical. We just love to explore that more colorful side of marketing– that’s less black and white– and so that’s what we hope to explore here in the podcast for entrepreneur.

Shannon: Totally. We want to do that in kind of a different way. It’s not going to be your 10 tips and tricks, if you will, where you kind of get in and out really quickly then forget what you learned. We know that it’s not going to be a one-sized fits all approach for everyone either. In the end, we really want it to be about even more than marketing. We’re here to kind of build on the content that we already offer on our blog and our website, but really just add that kind of personal experience and story as we challenge each other, and you, to just look up during the day–to unbury yourself from that linear, analytical kind of thinking or get away from the screen or work and really just seek the beauty and oddness in the gray space.

Joe: Yeah, for sure. The way we’re going to structure these is we’re going to package them into seasons, where we’re not bumping from one topic to the next, to the next, but we’re all grouped into an overarching conversation or overarching topic. So you’ll see that in five or six episodes per season and hopefully it gives you a chance to really explore something on a deeper level, spend some time mulling it over, thinking through it, and not just bumping around from one topic to the next.

We’re going to structure these in a certain movement. The way we try to work on a daily basis is don’t just open your laptop and just plow through it. We try to start our days off with a sense of reflection and silence, and we hope to do that with these podcasts too. It could be opening with a quote or a story, something to help sort of frame the conversation a little bit and just get our minds in the right space.

Shannon: Yeah, we think we do better work when we approach it like that.

Joe: Yeah, versus just plow right into the content. Then we’ll do the inspiration part, which is really the meat of the podcast for entrepreneur, and then we’ll hopefully close each one with a sense of motion– so now you’ve heard a lot of things, what should you go do with this? Or is there something to contemplate as you leave?

It won’t always just be the two of us on this podcast for entrepreneur, we don’t think. Hopefully at least the two of us, there might be some more, but we’d like to maybe add some interviews with entrepreneurs like we’ve done on our blog. Maybe add some other people who work at Keyhole, maybe some partners that we link arms with on different projects, or any Keyhole clients as well who might be interested in joining us. We’ll get there eventually, but for now, you’ve just got the two of us.

Shannon: Haha… dun, dun, dun…

Joe: Maybe just get to know… since it is just the two of us, why don’t you get to know us a little bit better.

Shannon: Yeah.

Joe: Shannon, why don’t you just start with just a general description of who you are and what makes you who you are. Then give us like two fun facts about you at the end.

Shannon: Totally. Okay, happy to. I have been…well to start, I’ve been working at Keyhole for a year now, which is awesome. Crazy, time flew. I just graduated from Olivet Nazarene in December of 2017, so I’m making my way in the world at this point. I’m Midwest born and raised, I come from central Illinois, and I’m excited to no longer be in central Illinois… but we’re working on that.

Joe: Yes.

Shannon: I’m one of six kids, I come from a big family, and I absolutely love it. I love my parents and my siblings. In my free time, I am spending time outdoors as much as I possibly can. I absolutely love just being outside and enjoying nature. I love listening to music, I love driving, and you want two fun facts.

Joe: Two fun facts.

Shannon: I can type 95 words per minute.

Joe: Wow.

Shannon: I was about to say per hour, that’s sooo slow. Yeah, so that’s kind of fun. I have…

Joe: Kind of fun.

Shannon: Kind of fun, yeah. It’s actually probably sad, but… and then I actually acted for most of my life, so it’s fun to be back in front of a microphone again.

Joe: Dramatic.

Shannon: Yes, yes.

Joe: Explains a lot.

Shannon: It does. I apologize.

Joe: No worries. Yeah, so for me, I’ve worked in communications for 20 plus years. Started off in public relations in Chicago… I’ve tried to forget that stage of life, after a long, grueling time in that industry.

Shannon: The dark days of public relations.

Joe: Yes. Then moved to Indiana and then stepped into marketing at that point. 2012, started Keyhole Marketing kind of out of necessity. Lost a job and then thought I was just going to look for a regular marketing gig at another cube-filled office complex, and…

Shannon: No way.

Joe: Picked up a couple of clients and just said, “I think I kind of like doing this thing,” so stuck with it for the last seven years, and love it. I’m married, my wife’s name is Lindsay, and we have a five-year-old son named Quinn. We have a dog named Rudy. We are all Notre Dame fans.

Shannon: Including the dog.

Joe: Of course, yeah, he started it. In a few months, we’re going to relocate to Denver. My wife’s job has moved her out there, and we’re going to set up Keyhole out there, so we’re excited about that.

All right, two interesting facts about me. I don’t know if this is interesting, but it is a fact. I did work at three different companies that had the letter I used quite a bit in their names. One was IMMI, IPC, and IRI.

Shannon: Wow, that is a lot of Is.

Joe: Yes.

Shannon: Were they very selfish companies, or…

Joe: Nice. Yes, there’s no I in Team left because they took them all. Also, more interesting is I can do a great… well I don’t know if great… but I can do an impersonation of Christopher Walken. A friend of mine tells me this after I had a couple of drinks in me I could give a Christopher Walken impersonation.

Shannon: Wow, so we’re not going to get one today, are we?

Joe: No, I’m fairly sober at this point.

Shannon: Another time then, hopefully. Stay tuned.

Joe: But if I tried, see if I tried, it doesn’t come out good. The other impersonation I can do, I can do some sort of bird. I can do a bird sound.

Shannon: By some sort of bird, do we have a… oh. Hey, that wasn’t bad.

Joe: Yeah, so I don’t know what that is.

Shannon: What species is this?

Joe: Well, now we have it on the podcast, people can hear it.

Shannon: Ok. Please email us what the species of this bird call is.

Joe: I have no idea how I discovered that little trick, but I did. So that’s more about us. Hopefully you’re not scared away by our interesting or not interesting facts about us.

Shannon: Or bird calls.

Joe: Bird calls as well, yeah. Before we sign off, I just wanted to give a special thanks to a few people. Obviously to Shannon for being my co-host, I’m grateful for that, and just for being a part of this whole thing. For Lindsay and Quinn, just giving me the time away from the house to put this thing together, prepare it, and actually record it. My nephew Drew, he did the music that you heard at the beginning of the podcast. He goes to the Berkeley College of Music in Boston, and I think he’s doing music engineering out there, so he did this by himself, it was great.

Shannon: Great job, yeah.

Joe: To Jenny Tod, who did the design, the logo for the podcast. To Ricky Lewis who is editing the podcast. To Camryn Walton who really didn’t do anything with the podcast, but she works out for me in Colorado and just supports me in a lot of different ways in the business, so I’m grateful for her support as well.

So, that’s it, hopefully you will come back for season one, and we’re excited to get started.


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