Lauth Group Incorporates Brand Identity Into Vibenomics Office Design

28th, 2018
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder
Categories: Branding, Photography
28th, 2018
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder
Categories: Branding, Photography

Read on to see office photography and ways of incorporating your business brand into your office design.

The subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) persuasive influence of a brand design finds a way to creep into nearly every nook and cranny of our day to day life. Think about it. We choose foods to eat, clothes to wear, and even cars to drive based on the brands they’re attached to. We have our favorites. We certainly have our least favorites. To escape them is simply not an option. (There’s even a brand out there called “Brandless.” While I respect the intent, the irony still has my head swimming.)

Why a Solid Brand Identity Matters

The term “brand” casts a wide net, initially associated with tangible components like a product or company name, logo, color scheme, design, or font. But even more than those physical things that we can touch and see, a brand is an experience, a mentality; some might go so far as to say an emotion. It’s an individualized response or reaction, expressed toward a particular business, product, or service. It is this combination of both physical and experiential elements that we have come to know as brand identity.

It’s why we choose Apple over Android. Kraft Mac over Meijer. Honda over Ford. Building a positive, well-known brand identity that consumers are naturally inclined to choose takes time and work.

So why are customers choosing these brands? What is it that these companies are doing right? The key to a successful, sustainable business can really be boiled down to a simple equation:  add credible, memorable branding elements to positive, meaningful customer experiences….and voila. This simple, yet powerful combination engages customer curiosity, nudges them to try, and celebrates them for staying.

How to Showcase Your Brand Identity Through Strong Brand Photography

Brand and Your Office Design

We all know a brand identity lives in your signage, your pens, your t-shirts, your business cards. But a strong brand also resides in your workplace. Stealing a line from a blog we wrote for one of our clients — Carson Design Associates:

Your workplace environment is now far more than walls, desks and computers. Instead, it serves as a second home for some employees, a recruitment tool for hiring and retaining top talent and, most importantly, a place to inspire your team. Bringing your brand to life in your physical work environment plays a huge part in motivating (or demotivating) people to work hard in shaping and growing your brand.


We believe your office design can speak volumes about what’s important to your company — and can immediately create a positive or negative experience for your customers and employees entering the space.

How does your current workplace define you? What grade would you give it? Consider these questions:

  • How does your office design represent you?
  • Does it project a cohesive brand message to employees and clients alike?
  • How does it (or does it not) reflect your core values and personality?
  • What kind of experience does a customer have when they interact in your office?
  • How do employees engage with the space on a daily basis?
  • What overall impression does it leave?

If you’ve worked hard to define your brand, then it’s just as important to incorporate those elements into your office design and show them off on your website and Google with professional office photography. Choices like colors, spaces, lighting, and decor all play a crucial role in defining the tone you set and the message you relay.

How Lauth Group Got it Right With Vibenomics Brand Office Photography

We had the opportunity to capture professional office photography at Vibenomics, recently designed and constructed by Lauth Group.

Based in Fishers, Indiana, Vibenomics delivers a customized audio experience through a combination of music and messaging. Following a clear understanding of their client’s brand, Vibenomics creates tailored playlists and announcements that promote an engaging and educational customer experience.

Vibenomics began making plans to expand their Fishers office, eager to integrate and embrace their unique brand identity throughout the workplace design. And from our perspective, Lauth Group executed the implementation of their brand quite well.

A perfect blend of professionalism and personality, the new Vibenomics office boasts a hip and sophisticated space. As soon as a person enters, a sleek, yet warm waiting area greets them. The yellow lighting radiates a relaxing and homey vibe. Start down the hallway, and you’ll run into the kitchenette, immediately showcasing the importance of community (and of course coffee) even before stepping back into the offices and open workstations.

You’ll see the Vibenomics logo a tasteful number of times throughout the office photography. Bold, clean colors express an enthusiastic, fun team personality and lively work dynamic. A wide variety of spaces and seating choices offer options for both collaborative and private work, identifying an emphasis on both team and individual-oriented values.

Large windows welcome natural light and work transparency. You won’t feel cramped or lacking in mobility in the spacious hallways and rooms. Note the minimalist focus. A bright white, modern look infused with sharp technology leaves an impression of high credibility, attention to detail, and quality.

Check out more office photography below, and then start dreaming about how to better incorporate your brand into your office space.

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