Flipboard Part 2: How to use it to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

8th, 2016
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder
8th, 2016
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder

Last month, we gave you an intro to our new favorite social media tool: Flipboard. Since then, we’ve become even more addicted to the world’s first online social magazine and have truly seen the value it can bring to your brand or business.

Today, we’re diving even deeper into the platform and giving you our top tips for using Flipboard to drive traffic to your site.

1. Create stellar magazines.

As a refresher, a magazine is a collection of content around a specific topic. Read Flipboard’s own resource on MagMaking 101 for an in-depth tutorial. Your magazine topics should focus on your brand or industry and contain a mix of curated and original content. The ultimate goal is to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

2. Curate evergreen content.

By curating evergreen content (and magazines), your posts stay relevant over time and useful to readers. You can then reuse your content from time to time instead of trashing it, and the work you put into writing posts and creating magazines will pay off for a much longer period of time. You can also curate the same posts in different magazines to give those articles more visibility.


3. Follow topics that interest you.

When you first create your Flipboard account, make sure you follow all relevant topics (and well-known people) in your brand or industry. This will make it easier to discover content to flip into your magazines and allow you to engage with other Flipboard users.

4. Flip everyday.

In order to see true value from Flipboard, the secret is to maintain it. Spend 10-15 minutes over your morning coffee, browsing topics that you follow and flipping relevant articles into your magazines.

5. Comment when you flip!

According to Flipboard, this type of engagement draws attention to your post since comments are emphasized in the layouts of the mobile app, bringing more attention to your account.


6. Make it Easy for Others to Flip Your Content.

Add a Flipboard button to your blog posts to make it easier for others to flip your posts.

7. Find your Flipboard tribe.

Grow your following by finding accounts that you find interesting and interact with their magazines and articles. Over time, they will reciprocate and you will find a community that supports each other and helps your content become more visible. You can also join Flipboard’s Chat Group on Facebook or tweet your magazines with the hashtag #FlipboardFriday.

8. Share your Flipboard profile + magazines.

The majority of your Flipboard following will come from within the app itself, but it doesn’t hurt to share it with your current networks. Once you’ve established a good collection of magazines, share them on your other social media platforms and email listserv. You can also embed a Flipboard magazine on your website or blog, or add a “follow” button on your blog to make it easier for people to follow your Flipboard magazines.


9. Check your stats often.

As with any social profile, it’s important to regularly check on the stats and see how your magazines are performing. Use editors.flipboard.com and click on “stats” to see your numbers on articles by day, viewers by day, and page flips by day.

With over 34,000 topics and 20 million magazines circulating on Flipboard, now is the time to join this ever growing community. After putting in just a little bit of time and effort, there are countless opportunities for bloggers and brands to make their content more visible and establish their expertise in a specific niche… and then watch your website traffic grow!

Happy flipping, friends!

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