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It’s no secret that today’s consumer demands content. In order to get noticed by your customer or prospect, you’ll need to deliver quality content on a consistent basis that applies directly to their lives and needs.

But that doesn’t just happen. And it goes beyond randomly creating a laundry list of content ideas as they come to mind.

Instead, set your business up for success by enlisting the help of an Editorial Calendar to equip you and your team members to prepare content in advance and set guidelines for consistent publishing, posting, and sharing.

Keyhole Marketing Editorial Calendar Template

Consistency is key. And that’s why we believe a content calendar is critical for your marketing strategy. By enlisting the help of this shareable resource, you can bring organization, methodology, and peace of mind to your planning process.

What the calendar can do for you:

  1. Provide order to the content chaos. Know what content needs to be published when and where.
  2. Offer a big-picture view. See how your content plays out over the course of the month or year, plan around important dates or events, or see where there are gaps to fill.
  3. Eliminate surprises. Don’t get caught off guard when something pops up. You’ll already know.
  4. Communicate responsibilities to the team. No more duplicated work or last-minute scrambling. Everybody knows what tasks they’re assigned.

In short, an Editorial Calendar is here to keep you in check, ensuring that you create the kind of content that your audience wants to see AND deliver it consistently. Set your goals and start meeting them with the help of this resource.

Keyhole Marketing - Editorial Calendar Template Download

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