Professional Headshots — Author Charity Singleton Craig — 13

Professional Headshots: Capturing the Essence of Author Charity Singleton Craig

As a professional writer, Charity Singleton Craig wears many hats — author, novelist, journalist, essayist, and more — while always remaining passionate about telling stories of faith, hope, and love through her work. Craig focuses on investing in other writers through coaching and editing and also assisting businesses and organizations with their content marketing and public relations needs. Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting with Charity in her hometown of Frankfort, Indiana, for the purpose of updating her professional headshots.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Launching Your Next Website on WordPress

Launching a new website can be both an exciting and exhausting process. (Spoiler Alert:  We know this firsthand because we’re presently working on the launch of a new Keyhole Marketing website.)

If you’re like us — and nearly all of our clients — you use WordPress to create your business websites. It’s a great out-of the-box platform that includes many user-friendly plugins to do most of the work for you, without much coding experience.

If you’re considering — or close to launching — a new WordPress website, consider using this comprehensive checklist to streamline the process from beginning to end.

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3 Steps to Creating Your First Content Pillar Page

3 Steps to Creating Your First Content Pillar Page

If you’ve never heard of the phrase “content pillar page,” we suggest reading our post on “Content Pillars: What They Are and Why You Need Them on Your Website” before digging into the information below.

We know from experience that creating your first content pillar page can seem extremely overwhelming. Once you dig into the process, you’ll soon realize it’s not as daunting as it looks. It’s actually a beneficial exercise to look at your current content and thought leadership from a new perspective, and it has many long-term benefits for your online presence.

To help ease you into the process, we identified three steps to creating your first pillar page:

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Publishing to Ideal Marketing Channels

Keys to Success #5: Publishing to Ideal Marketing Channels

In order to get your business story in front of exactly the right audience, you need to determine which strategies are best suited to deliver on your comprehensive marketing plan. In our final post in the Keys to Success series, we review exactly how to publish your content writing and brand photography to your ideal marketing channels.

As a refresher, our Keys to Success consist of:

  1. Finding Your Unique Story
  2. Defining Your Target Audience
  3. Developing a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
  4. Creating Influential Content Writing and Brand Photography
  5. Publishing to Ideal Marketing Channels

Follow along as we walk you through a comprehensive list of marketing channels to consider when publishing your unique business story.

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