Commercial Photography - Community Church Columbus Indiana - 57

Commercial Photography: Community Church of Columbus Website

We had the opportunity earlier this year to capture commercial photography for our friends at Fishhook — an Indianapolis-based marketing agency for churches. Their firm had been hired by Community Church of Columbus, Indiana to design a new website.

As you could probably guess by the name of the church, portrait photography was of primary importance on the new website. We needed to showcase what makes Community Church of Columbus unique by highlighting the people who attend and serve within the church.

Scroll down to see screenshots of the old and new websites, as well as a sampling of the professional photographs we captured on this project.

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How to create a tagline for your business

How to Create a Tagline for Your Business

The thought of creating a tagline can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. I know. I personally worked through this exercise over the past couple of months as I reevaluated the unique value proposition of Keyhole Marketing. If you’re going through this process as well, it’s important to know what you’re getting into, why you’re doing it, and how to successfully create a tagline for your business.

Let’s get started.

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Sustainable Faith Indy Entrepreneur Success Stories

THE TWIST: Retreating Suburbia for the Silence of Indianapolis

The plot twist…that moment in a story when an event or experience dramatically shifts the future direction of the storyline and all the characters involved. I’ve always found these moments fascinating, and so I started this series—called “The Twist”—where I meet entrepreneurs to hear their success stories and explore the plot twist that led them to start their businesses.

In 2012, Dave and Beth Booram decided — in the middle of a recession — to pack up their house and relocate from the relative comforts of Fishers, Indiana to a 100-year-old house near the Fall Creek Place neighborhood of Indianapolis. And today, the couple operates Sustainable Faith Indy — an urban retreat center in downtown Indy.

This is the story of their personal retreat from working within the confines of complex organizations and living inside the white picket fences of suburbia to working for themselves and residing in the beautiful grit found south of 38th street. And the spiritual movement within them that guided this whole journey.

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shannon jirik enhance keyhole marketing strategy

Shannon Jirik Joins Team to Enhance Keyhole Marketing Strategy

Last year was just plain hard.

I won’t bore you with the details now, but you can read more about the 25 ways my family worked to heal our bodies, minds, and souls. And if the health challenges weren’t enough, I lost — after five years — my very first client. (No hard feelings. It was the best move for both parties.)

And so, as 2017 came to a close, I realized that the Keyhole Marketing brand had suffered — getting pushed further and further to the back burner.

I needed help.

So in January of this year, I hired Shannon Jirik as Assistant Brand Manager for the Keyhole Marketing brand—primarily focused on outfitting the cobbler’s kids with shoes.

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The Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business

The Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business

We’ve heard you: Are there any benefits of blogging to my small business bottom line? Putting it more bluntly — How can stringing words together, posting them on my website, and sharing on social media get my phone to ring and people walking through my door?

And we understand your skepticism.

The truth? We don’t know if it will work for your business because much of its success depends on your business goals and your willingness to invest the time and dollars to reap the rewards. But we also believe that for many small and midsize companies, business blogging can be the perfect solution for attracting new website visitors, converting them to leads, and closing new customers.

Here’s how blogging can help grow your business.

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