The Better Blogging Worksheet The 8 Steps to Writing Blogs With Ease

The 8 Steps to Writing Blogs With Ease

Scriptophobia: Fear of writing in public.

Graphophobia: Fear of writing or handwriting.

Screenophobia: Fear of staring at a blank screen while writing.


Ok, the last one might not actually be a real term…but for many people, it’s a very real experience. When given the task of writing—be it a blog, email campaign, press release, or webpage—an immediate sense of dread emerges.

For most people, it’s not a fear of writing sentences that’s most paralyzing, but rather, the uncertainty of how to extract ideas from their own mind into meaningful, comprehensible content. They have the thoughts—and even the tools to write—but just lack the skills to capture and organize them.


Fear no longer.

We created a simple, interactive PDF for collecting and organizing the ideas floating around inside your mind. It walks through eight steps and spits them out in the right order within your blog post.

Trust us, as writers ourselves, we know exactly where you’re at. We know what that pre-writing dread feels like. We, too, often return to this worksheet to help get us back on track and actually get words down on a page!

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