The Better Blogging Worksheet A Free Resource to Improve Your Small Business Blogging

A Free Resource to Improve Your Small Business Blogging

How to Write Blogs For Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. From running the day-to-day tasks of your business to managing your team, being an entrepreneur doesn’t leave you with much time for anything else — let alone learning how to write blogs that help promote your business.

Looming deadlines can be paralyzing. Finding the right words that are true to your brand, rank well in searches, and bring in new customers is more of an art than science. And sometimes, just getting started is the hardest part.

Trust us – as digital marketing experts, we know exactly how you feel. We know that feeling of pre-writing dread. That’s why we created the Better Blogging Worksheet, a simple, interactive PDF to help you write like a pro.

how to write blogs with our better blogging worksheet

How the Better Blogging Worksheet Can Help

Our Keyhole Marketing team carefully designed the worksheet to help small business owners like you collect and organize the blog and content ideas floating around your mind. The Better Blogging Worksheet will walk you through the following eight easy steps to writing better, more effective blog posts:

  1. The Big Idea:  Primary purpose of your blog.
  2. The Audience:  People who you’re wanting to reach.
  3. The Pain Points:  Reasons your audience needs this blog.
  4. The Remedies:  Ways you’ll ease their pain.
  5. The Pull:  Cutting through the clutter and grab their attention.
  6. The Ending:  Wrapping it all up.
  7. The Next Steps:  Things your audience should do afterward.
  8. The Keywords:  Phrases that get your article found online.

Ready to get those ideas out of your mind and onto the screen? Scroll down to enter your information, and we’ll send you the Better Blogging Worksheet for free.

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