App Review: How Typeform Helps Brands Better Interact with Humans

21st, 2017
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder
21st, 2017
Keyhole - Digital Marketing Agency - Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder

We recently came across a case study on “How HubSpot built a viral, lead generating app with Typeform” and were very intrigued.

The article referenced a study done by IBM, reporting that four out of five customers say that companies don’t understand them. On the flip side, 47 percent of companies think they’re providing relevant information to their customers.

Something doesn’t add up here, and Typeform is on a mission to change that.


Typeform is a web form service that helps users create online surveys with unique and memorable designs. The company strives to make online user experiences “a little more human,” while helping brands better understand their customers.  We did some testing of the Typeform platform and here’s what we think:

Product Overview + Features

You can use Typeform to gather information, insight, registration, payment, knowledge and more. Additional features include:

  • Unique interface that only shows one question at a time.
  • Allows you to include images, videos, and more within your form.
  • Enables the use of images as buttons for interactive forms.
  • Pro forms support logic jumps, payments, and more.
  • Mobile and keyboard shortcut friendly.
  • Stripe integration.

See how companies are using Typeform.

Typeform Pricing

Typeform offers a monthly or yearly plan with various options. Both include a free option, which comes with 100 responses per month and 10 fields per form with basic features.

Beyond the basic level, the monthly options include:

Pro: $35/month for unlimited responses and fields for one user, and more features.
Pro+: $70/month for unlimited responses and fields for more than one user, and the most features.
Committing to a year-long contract saves you two months of fees for either the Pro or Pro+ option.

The Pros

Beautiful Design: The Typeform software is the best we’ve seen at merging good design principles with question-building platforms, both for the survey creator and taker. One of our favorite features is the ability to include images (or animated GIFs) as multiple choice answers.

Simple and Easy-to-Use: The entire platform has been designed in a drag-and-drop format, making the creation of forms extremely easy to use. Editing and rearranging questions is simple, and there are plenty of tools to customize the look and feel of your survey.

Great Support: The support functionality was quick and easy, and the team was willing and able to either answer our questions or direct us to a helpful tutorial.

The Cons

Overwhelming Options: While the design is beautiful and the options are endless, this can make for an overwhelming experience. What started out as a fun test project, became a bit overwhelming with so many options. We imagine the process gets easier with more experience, but at first it was a little confusing.

Difficult to Read: We found some of the template backgrounds hard to read (therefore, hard for users to complete the survey). But we were quickly able to customize the form, change the colors and make it easier to see.

Learning Curve: While the overall platform is simple to use, the act of building out your survey one question at a time can be time consuming. Once again, after building more forms, I imagine this learning curve makes the process easier and faster.

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