Our Mission

Our digital marketing agency crafts and shares meaningful stories that provoke awareness, empower human potential, and create a lasting difference.

Our Mission

Inhale this moment.

We’re a team of contemplatives.

In our lives, we hope to be fully aware of the people and needs that exist in our surroundings, as we seek to find our place in this space. We want to see the worth in others. We want to be kind and compassionate, open to new perspectives, and free of immediate judgment or defense.

In our work, we desire the same.

We want to remain deeply attentive to the needs of small business owners — building long-term relationships on commitment, loyalty, and trust. We want to challenge each other to learn, observe, and grow. And while we draw on our years of experience to create thoughtful marketing solutions, we also want to see the value in running after new ideas.


  • ROOTED: We value work, but not at the expense of our overall well beings. That’s why we strive to keep all aspects of life in harmony, taking care to consider and be mindful of the balance between body, mind and spirit.
  • SPECIALISTS: It sounds braggadocious, until you discover how hard we’ve worked over the past 20+ years in digital marketing to earn this classification and continue refining ourselves over time.
  • TRAILBLAZERS: While everyone else is turning right, we look to the left — always seeking new methods and modes for our clients and ourselves to pursue along the road less traveled.
  • NARRATORS: We love sitting around a fire or sharing a drink to hear the remarkable stories that our clients have to tell and then recounting those tales in ways that motivate audiences to move.
  • STEADFAST: Relationships matter deeply to us — bringing immense purpose to our personal and professional lives. So when we form a new partnership, we’re your ally for the long haul.


  • STIFF-NECKED: While we take pride in who we are and the work we produce, we don’t spend our energies banging our chest about it. And you’ll never feel degraded, humiliated, or disrespected around us.
  • LITTERERS: We’re not about cluttering the online world with meaningless marketing. Rather, with an intense focus on quality over quantity, we always take the time to find the most profitable approach for our clients.
  • MACHINES: We’re not a group of robots who grab parts off a shelf to produce the same widget we did last time. Instead, our team creates hand-crafted marketing pieces designed around the unique needs of our client and their audiences.
  • DOORMATS: While we always aim to talk less and smile more, we also believe no one wins if we simply act as yes-people — taking orders and offering no guidance. And so, we collaborate with our clients to find solutions that work for all parties.
  • CROOKED: We never promise something we can’t deliver or cheat on our time or tasks. We’re open about our mistakes and admit our errors. And all along the way, we also stay true to ourselves.
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Our Team of Marketing Experts
Joe Dudeck
Joe Dudeck
President + Founder

Joe launched Keyhole Marketing in 2012 to help businesses tell a better story. He leverages all aspects of his 20+ years of communications experience within the digital marketing firm, which includes 7 years creating public relations content in Chicago and 7 years in Indianapolis developing marketing campaigns and strategies for nearly 20 different product lines. In 2019, he brought his digital marketing services to Colorado Springs, helping to drive traffic and increase sales for local businesses through various marketing solutions, such as branding, writing, website design and development, internet marketing, search engine optimization, local seo, paid search, social media marketing, and photography.

Context | Adaptability | Restorative | Ideation | Empathy
ENFP—The Campaigner
Abby Israel
Abby Israel
Content Creator

Abby is a Cedarville University graduate with a BA in Organizational Communications. She has two years experience in sales, social media marketing, and product development for a digital marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio. After moving to Indianapolis, she’s spent the past 3 years focused on client and product communications for the healthcare industry, as well as writing blog and social media content for such industries as auto, wedding, personal service, cleaning, and insurance. In her spare time, Abby enjoys selling clothes on Poshmark and getting outdoors with her husband, Joel.

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