We exist to craft and share meaningful stories that provoke awareness, empower human potential, and create a lasting difference.

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We believe there’s something unique about you. Something that sets you apart and makes you more desirable than the rest of your competitors.

We also believe there’s something unique about Keyhole Marketing.

We’re storytellers who delight in telling the world about our clients. We love digging down to the roots, identifying problems, and creating unique solutions. We’re creative and professional. Prompt and thorough. Dreamers and doers. We promise to always listen, lead with our values, and deliver the finest results.

Let’s create your success story!




Joe Dudeck - Keyhole Marketing Owner - Create Custom Content - Indianapolis
Joe Dudeck

Joe launched Keyhole Marketing in 2012 to help businesses tell a better story. He leverages all aspects of his 20+ years of communications experience, which includes 7 years creating public relations content in Chicago and 7 years in Indianapolis developing marketing strategies for nearly 20 different product lines.

Restorative | Empathy | Context | Relator | Analytical

ENFP—The Campaigner
Shannon Jirik - Assistant Brand Manager - Create Custom Content - Indianapolis
Shannon Jirik

Shannon is a recent graduate from Olivet Nazarene University. With a B.A. in Communications, she is excited to be a part of the Keyhole Marketing as the Assistant Brand Manager. She got her first taste for marketing in her roles as the Executive Editor of the ONU Newspaper and as a marketing intern at Aspen Group.

Competition | Developer | Futuristic | Command | Belief

ESTJ—The Executive




Here’s who we strive to be every day.

PERSONAL:Clients and customers are treated like people, not just a revenue stream.
FRIENDLY:Positive, good-natured spirits that like to have fun throughout the day.
KNOWLEDGEABLE:Keen understanding of the nuances of marketing.
CALM:Relaxed and able to stay cool under pressure.
SINCERE:Genuine spirits who are comfortable in our skin and not trying to be people we know we’re not.
CREDIBLE:Reliable, trustworthy people who our clients can depend on to be honest and truthful.
CURIOUS:Asking questions and turning over rocks to look for root causes.
DECISIVE:Able to evaluate multiple routes before pursuing one with confidence.
TIMELY:Producing high-quality work that reaches deadlines.
GROUNDED:Thankful for the opportunity to use our skills, but also seeing life outside of work.
LOYAL:Dedicated commitment to offering consistent service to others.
RELEVANT:Able to offer fresh ideas that meet current business practices.
COMPASSIONATE:Seeking thoughtful ways to take a deeper interest in people’s lives.




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We specialize on creating content that compels, capturing photos that persuade, and structuring marketing plans that produce.

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