Professional Digital Marketing Services

Content is king. Fresh, new content that is.

No matter the industry or the audience, if you’re not regularly creating compelling content and delivering it across multiple mediums, then you’re not being found. You’re telling your story, but nobody’s hearing it.

Keyhole Marketing creates content for our clients that gets people coming to and knocking on their door. Content that’s less about selling and more about educating. Content that aims at turning informed prospects into loyal customers.

And once the words are composed, we’re strategic about what to do with it all. We empower our clients to use content marketing to their advantage, by equipping them with the tools, resources, and strategies to make their content work for them.

And we do all this in several ways.

Some clients have no time, no interest or—by their own admission—no ability to compose copy. That’s where we enter. We interview our clients and their customers and extract the messages tumbling around inside their heads. Then, we write and/or edit both brief and in-depth content, including:

  • Blogs
  • Interviews
  • Email Campaigns
  • Website Content
  • Customer Interviews
  • eBooks

Creating good content means nothing without a plan. You need to know what pieces to create, when to distribute them and how to promote them once they’re out there. We create these strategies to ensure our clients use their limited time and resources wisely. In some situations, this means we post and publish all content on behalf of our clients. Other times, we create robust editorial calendars for our clients to follow each day, month, or throughout the year.

Some of our clients have the internal resources to create content, but lack the structure to organize and deploy their team of writers. We help by first identifying key personnel throughout the organization. Some are wordsmiths who just need some topics. Others are filled with ideas by dread the act of writing content. We come alongside both and equip them to speak from their own unique perspective within the company.

  • Value Proposition Workshopping
  • Buyer Personas
  • Customer/Influencer Interviews
  • HubSpot Consulting