How to Identify Your Customers’ Pain Points

Whether you’re starting a new business or already established and growing, identifying your customers’ pain points is critical to your success. Your marketing strategy, products and services should all be geared toward solving your customers’ needs. Identifying the trigger that causes your customers to seek out your solution helps to articulate your value in a way that makes them feel as though you genuinely care. It also allows you to adequately solve their problems.

So how do you determine what these pain points are?  

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Death and Taxes: In Memory of my Aunt Sandy

It’s Tuesday, April 18, 2017…Tax Day. And it makes me think of a blog I wrote this past November for my Joetography business, following the death of my Aunt Sandy.

After all the hatemongering and mudslinging that we’ve seen, given, and received this past year—it’s finally coming to a close. It’s time to vote.

So what if? What if after all the doom and gloom we’ve heard about the world were to actually end today?

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17 Ways to Keep Your Emails Out of the Spam Folder

According to ReturnPath, only 79 percent of permission-based emails make it to the desired recipient’s inbox. That means 21 percent of emails are being sent to the infamous spam folder. This is discouraging for those of us who spend hours crafting the perfect email campaigns, only to be disappointed by our open and click-through rates.

What exactly is spam? According to MailChimp, “spam is unsolicited, irrelevant email, sent in bulk to a list of people.”

There are two main reasons your emails may end up in a spam folder:

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THE TWIST: How New Day Craft Brewed up a Business in Indianapolis

The plot twist…that moment in a story when an event or experience dramatically shifts the future direction of the storyline and all the characters involved. I’ve always found these moments fascinating in real life, and so I started this new, recurring series—called “The Twist”—where I talk to entrepreneurs and explore the plot twist that led them to start their businesses.


In 2002, Tia Agnew and Brett Canaday started making their own booze in their bedroom as a way to consume their honey surplus. At the time, neither knew they were brewing up mead—the oldest fermented drink known to man—and neither knew it would lead them to start a meadery four years later.

Today, New Day Craft in Indianapolis, Indiana offers a portfolio of more than 20 varieties of modern craft mead and hard cider, all made with whole fruit and wildflower honey and no concentrates, purees, or natural flavors.

I recently met with Tia in their tasting room in Fountain Square to discuss how their hobby became a business, the highs and lows of working with your spouse, and what they’re brewing up next.

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How to Build and Maintain Your Email Marketing List

“You’ve got mail!” Remember that? It may take you back to the 1998 romantic comedy featuring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, but it’s also the infamous greeting from AOL’s email feature in the early 90s. (Fun Fact: the man who did the voiceover for the famous greeting is now an Uber driver in Ohio.

Alas, email marketing is considered one of the very first digital marketing tools available. Before the creation of business websites and social media, there was email, and the strategy is still very much alive today. It continues to be a proven method for reaching prospects and cultivating long-term relationships with customers, and it has one of the highest ROIs across online marketing channels. This is why we (along with the rest of the digital marketing world) continue to analyze best practices for improving your email strategy.

Here, we’ve dug into the basics of growing your email list and maintaining an engaged subscriber base.

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