THE TWIST: Turning the Ambient Lighting on House Seven Design + Build

The plot twist…that moment in a story when an event or experience dramatically shifts the future direction of the storyline and all the characters involved. I’ve always found these moments fascinating in real life, and so I started this new, recurring series—called “The Twist”—where I talk to entrepreneurs and explore the plot twist that led them to start their businesses.

Two years ago, she was designing and selling children’s clothes. Six months ago, he was managing restaurants. Today, Brian and Anissa Zajac make up House Seven Design + Build – an Indianapolis-based residential remodeling and design company.

The couple recently finished filming a pilot for HGTV to consider as a new home remodeling design show. And this past September, we all met at their northside Indy residence to discuss their diverse backgrounds, how social media opened the door to entrepreneurship, and the challenges of working as life and business partners.

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From Fascinating Womanhood to Finding Your Voice

An Interview with My Grandmother on Gender Equality

Strawberry salad with a cup of lobster bisque. This has been my order for the past seven years when I head home for long weekends and holidays and enjoy lunch with my grandmother—my “Nana.” During these lunches, we talk about everything from politics to our ancestry to relationships to baby goats to religion. I cherish these lunches dearly and look forward to so many more. 

Last month, Joe gave me a platform to write about my take on the current state of gender equality. I presented some research, highlighted a few organizations who I think are doing it right, and concluded with my ideas for how we can continue pushing the conversation forward in a positive direction.

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The Hard Work of Finding Rest

The dog jumped down from the bed, hitting the floor with a thud and stirring me from slumber. His high-pitched whining faded off down the stairs.

The room was still dark, and so was my mind. As my senses began to awaken, I reached over and found an empty pillow next to me. I immediately threw back my covers and stumbled downstairs to find my dog sitting on the couch, huddled up closely to my wife.

She was doubled over—her head buried between her knees and her arms wrapped tightly around her waist. She couldn’t speak…only moan in between the groans.

Having long suffered from endometriosis—in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus, developing into growths or lesions and causing pain, infertility, scar tissue, and adhesions—pains in Lindsay’s midriff were nothing new. She’d had them before. They’d come. They’d go. We’d just need to sit here and wait it out. And so we did. I rubbed her back—certain that this too would pass.

Until it didn’t.

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Product Review: Robbie Richards’ Competitor Backlink Analysis Guide

One of our go-to SEO hacks has stood the test of time and continues to be used today:  competitor backlink analysis. The reality is that you have competitors, and they’re stealing some your business. But what if you could figure out exactly how they’re doing it? Instead of ignoring your competition, there’s a way to analyze their backlinks and easily outrank them.

How you ask? Read on.

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